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Looking for a fine or vintage guitar? Then look no further! Ozark Ridge Guitars has you covered. We have a large selection of vintage, classic and fine guitars and more! Check out our online catalog for our current inventory list of guitars, basses, amps and more. We are always getting new items, so check back often. From Fenders, Gibsons, Martins, Taylors and cool brands like VOX. Ozark Ridge Guitars is your best choice to find the guitar of your dreams.

September 2013 Update

WOW!  This summer activity for guitars was very slow, but about 3 weeks ago the flood gates opened and I have been selling about 4 guitars a week, and they're not buying lower level guitars.  Lets see i have sold a Les Paul Standard Plus, a Jazzmaster,  a USA Gibson (never got on website), a nice USA Strat (never got on website), several Telecasters, a vintage bass and I have a very nice Gibson semi-hollow body bass sold on ebay right now.

I haven't been just selling.  I have bought several nice Taylors, including an awesome 714CED and a very sweet solid body electric in mint condition (imagine a Les paul made by Taylor) - all with one of Taylor's great hard cases.  I have also added several excellent Martins - mostly single cutaway acoustic electrics in the grand auditorium size, including one with a solid Indian rosewood body (it seems that every other acoustic guitar made in the past 5 years or so has been made with Sapele).  I bought three brand new limited edition (numbered 1 to 100) Gretsch hollow body electrics that were pinstriped by hand painting by "Hot Rod Walt".  These will be instant collector's items, and I have left the one's I bought untouched in their cases.  Of course I have a few new Fenders and Gibsons. 

Right now I just need time to get everything photographed and entered onto the website.

Meanwhile, I have about half of my guitars and basses listed in my ebay store "ARGARY".  However, you will still get the best deal buying from me direct simply because when you buy direct, I don't have to pay ebay their percentage.

Regards, Gary