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78 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar SOLD

78 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar SOLD
Product Code: Les Paul Deluxe
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Exceptional near mint condition, 100% original.  There's a Dimarzio PU temporarily mounted on the bridge; the original mini-humbucker is in the case.  Case is original Gibson Les Paul hard case that is also in exceptional condition.

This guitar is unusual and exceptional in one instance - there is a barely perceptable rise in the fingerboard binding at the end of each fret that can be felt, but not easily seen.  Several luthiers tell us that it almost certainly was done intentionally by a master luthier for someone who wanted a slight feel for each fret location - possibly for someone blind.  They say that each fret had to be precisely heated to a certain temperature for precise time and each fret had to be done almost exactly the same to get this result; the likeihood of this happening naturally would be zero as the amount of heat needed if not applied only to the frets would have drastically affected other parts of the guitar.  After a couple of times playing this guitar, you understand the benefit of the extra feel for the frets.  Of course, if you didn't like the effect, you could get the fingerboard rebound; it doesn't need refretting as the original frets show virtually no wear.

  • Year: 1978
  • Condition: 95/100
  • Color: Natural Ash

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